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About Orangeville Townhomes

If your condo is starting to seem small or your house is starting to feel too big, find the perfect spot in the middle with a townhome in Orangeville. Located in beautiful south-central Ontario and less than an hour from Toronto, Orangeville is a small town with grand ambitions. Orangeville is home to a variety of diverse townhomes to choose from that vary in price, location and amenities. A townhome in Orangeville can be bought for significantly lower than a house, and your monthly expenses are reduced, too. Heating and cooling costs are lowered thanks to townhomes being narrower. There is less maintenance to be performed since you share multiple walls with your neighbours. Townhomes are an excellent place for families, couples, retirees and working professionals to call home.

What to Consider When Buying a Townhome in Orangeville

Unlike a condo, owning a townhome grants you the opportunity to have your very own front and backyard, multiple parking spots and the ability to alter how the space looks. When you buy a townhouse in Orangeville you become a resident of a wonderful city that is growing. You also become a member of a townhouse village that functions like a small, friendly neighbourhood. Most townhome communities have amenities that their residents and their visitors can use. This can include things like workout facilities, a pool, dog parks, playgrounds, event spaces and other communal areas. Townhouse villages are incredibly safe places to call home and with them constantly being in demand, they make an excellent investment. Townhomes in Orangeville go fast, so find your perfect townhouse in Orangeville today.

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